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Good Music is Serious Business

You’ve probably noticed our motto - “Good Music is Serious Business.” This isn’t just a flashy tag line; it is our commitment to you. Sure, we will have fun together and music will play a big part. But above all, we appreciate the fact that you have placed a great amount of trust in our hands. Having your event run smoothly is exactly why you hire Hard At Play.

Jack & Jill

If you’re tired of the same old pastel bridal showers and drunken bachelor parties, consider having a Jack & Jill Party together. By selling tickets, having a raffle and being able to let loose with family and friends before you wedding day it usually ends up being more lucrative then that final night out as well as tasteful. It’s also a great occasion to celebrate with those who may not have made it on the final guest list. Your Hard At Play DJ knows how to start the party and keep it going!

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