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Typically, entertainment is one of the first services a couple should begin looking at once they have chosen a date and location. Much like a photographer and videographer, the most desirable professionals tend to be booked further in advance. Our suggestion is to be prepared to sign a contract as early as 12-15 months before your event. Most importantly, we suggest making your selection once you've found someone you trust and are truly comfortable with.

Hard At Play has been entertaining New England since 1989. Our DJs range from 5 years experience to 24 years. Our experience is the one commodity that truly brings your event plans to life!

Although our home base is in Western Massachusetts, we love to travel to Central and Eastern Massachusetts, Cape and the Islands as well as all of New England, New York and even down to Key West, FL. All you have to do is tell us where the party is and we'll get there!

While the amount of your entertainment investment may seem high at first, when weighed against the impact that it has on a successful wedding, our couples tell us in the end it was worth every penny. Though it may seem as if you are only contracting your Hard At Play Professional DJ/MC for only 5-6 hours, the average amount of time Hard At Play spends on a single event, from beginning to end, is around 25 hours. Whether itís phone time, meeting with you before you book, spending time to review the planning material shortly before the wedding, compiling your special requests, organizing equipment, or setting up and breaking down, we spend the time to ensure that your event, and all of itís details, are organized so they happen flawlessly!

Hard At Play's only goal is to make your entertainment plans come to life. By combining our expertise with your vision, we turn dreams into reality!

Believe it or not, that's a question we wish more couples would ask. It shows us that you value the decision you're about to make and that choosing your wedding day entertainment is more important than flashy marketing material or impressive price list could ever answer. First, although unfair to assume why the other company charges what they charge, we can only speculate that it is because they do not offer services like a true professional disc jockey should. This means, home stereo equipment, a limited music library or no digital library, no back-up equipment/personnel, little or no advanced planning and little or no coordination, which can lead to major problems for any event! On the other hand, there are also DJ Services out there portraying themselves to be bigger than they actually are wanting you to commit to an investment that they cannot follow through upon with the same success as Hard At Play. The DJ industry is unfortunately flooded with individuals who are here with their mp3 players part time and are not truly concerned with the final outcome of your event. They may even sub-contract out your event to others whose experience and quality may be even less qualified then the person you think you've hired.

Instead, what we can say is one difference that it usually comes down to is the one thing you cannot put on price tag on.


With Hard At Play, you are hiring a true Professional Disc Jockey and Master Of Ceremony with several years or decades of experience.

What does this experience mean to you?

- Everything just runs smoother. An experienced DJ/MC makes the elaborate choreography of a wedding just look easy. - It ís a team effort. Whether it's letting you pick just the right music or adding those personal touches, an experienced DJ/MC values creative input in planning the perfect day together. - Giving you peace-of-mind. Knowing that all of the details and variables are covered long before the wedding ever starts so you can set your mind to enjoying the day. - Nothing is left to chance. Whether it's time to introduce the wedding party, cut the cake, or dancing that first dance with your partner, we know that it only happens once. It takes proper planning and years of experience to do it right every time!

"The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!"

In post-event surveys, clients stated that the contribution Disc Jockey services made towards the overall success of their special event was 85% or greater! Whether it's a Wedding Reception, Corporate Event, or any Celebration, its success or failure depends upon the quality of services you receive from your Disc Jockey. You are hosting an entertainment driven event. Even though food, photos, and decor are important, it is not the food... it is not the photos... nor is it the decor... that determines the overall success of your event! The Disc Jockey is the difference in hearing, "it's just something I was obligated to go to," or "WOW, I had a GREAT time!" If you receive prices that are well below other quotes, or you feel that the quality of the DJ is lacking but the price is nice, you may run the risk of getting exactly what you pay for.

Yes, our commitment to your date is always in writing! Our contract package includes two detailed copies of our contract. One copy for your records and the second copy to be sent back to Hard At Play with our retainer fee.

Completely! Hard At Play carries a Two Million Dollar Liability Insurance policy per event in the unlikeliness that there is any type of mishap as well as $30,000 in Equipment Insurance.

Hard At Play views selecting the Disc Jockey for your event as an extremely personal choice. Since your DJ/MC will have most of the control over your event, it is important that you select someone that you are comfortable with as well as confident in. Tommy & Mark comprise Hard At Play's two primary and most experienced DJ/MCs that are available for your selection as well as Billy and Jayson having 8+ years of experience each. We feel that sitting down to talk about your likes and dislikes as well as our individual styles will give all of us a better understanding of which Disc Jockey is best suited for your event.

Absolutely! Weeks before your event we'll schedule a convenient time to go over all of the details with you. We take the time necessary to make sure that every item has been addressed and all of your questions and concerns have been answered!

We take the utmost pride in looking professional at all times. So if it's a tux for your wedding reception or a Hawaiian shirt for the back yard tiki bash, we come prepared!

Although this is a frequently asked question, the majority of Hard At Play events are private functions such as weddings. For this reason we find it unprofessional to invite you to come "peek-in" on us just as we would never invite anyone to view us at your wedding. We feel that the best way to get a true feel for what your Hard At Play DJ/MC has to offer is to set up a time to meet and talk with us about your plans.

You determine our level of interaction. Whether you prefer an atmosphere that has high energy or classy but fun elegance, Hard At Play is there to please!

Many customers forget that when they hire a professional DJ, as much energy should go into ensuring a proper flow to the day as selecting the right music. The disc jockey you select will be the most visual, vocal and accessible person at your event. Whether it's working with your banquet staff, your photographer and videographer, or keeping you and your guests in the loop, Hard At Play takes great pride in seamlessly pulling all of the dayís details together.

Given that your Hard At Play DJ/MC is setup and ready to begin playing before your first guests enter, we usually arrive at least one hour prior to the start time you've contracted us for. If you have planned a ceremony, video collage or any other option, our setup time is adjusted accordingly.

No. Our set-up and break-down time is included in your contract but is separate from the contracted time of your event. Your Hard At Play DJ will be ready to start playing when your guests arrive!

Hard At Play has an extensive library for all ages and musical tastes. Along with carrying thousands of songs on compact disc, we utilize a digital library with over 17,000 titles that are brought to every event. Oldies, Motown, Pop, Country, Top 40, Latin, Rock, Classic Rock is only a sample of the genres available. From Sinatra to Shakira we have it all!

What type of music do you want at your wedding? We carefully go over your tastes of music beforehand so the day of your wedding will be filled with songs best represent your personality, after all it's your wedding day.

We get our music from some of the same sources radio stations receive their selections. All music is edited and safe of any hard lyrics or content.

As part of the planning for your day, you can specify songs that you would like to have played as well as songs that you do not want to have played. You set the guidelines. We also ask for your guests to participate by requesting their favorites, and play those that meet your tastes.

Music is our business! With the vast music library we have at our fingertips, chances are we already have your song. In the unlikely event that we do not, we will be more than happy to locate it for you.

Unquestionably! If there are particular songs, artists, or genres that you would rather not be played at your event, Hard At Play can guarantee that you won't hear them played.

This is what we do best! Included in your Hard At Play Contract Package are tools designed to make the entire process an easy one. First is a Wedding Planner for you to list all your wedding details. Second is a Music Request Sheet that allows you to outline songs that you'd like to be played at your event. Along with this, a Musical Suggestion Sheet which lists ideas for your First Dance, Parent Dances, and Cake Cutting straight through to your Last Dance. Finally there is a 40 page Sample Music Guide. By no means does this guide list Hard At Play's entire repertoire, but it gives you a good sample of Classic Party Hits, Top 40, and Country for those who would like to pick their music. Don't forget, we will sit and review all of these materials, helping you through any lingering questions long before your wedding day.

Surely! Whether you will be exchanging vows at your reception site or remote location, HAP offers a "Ceremony Package" which is perfect for any nuptial setting. It features a mobile sound system that includes a wireless lavaliere microphone for whom ever presides over the ceremony as well as microphones for any readings that may take place. We also include a DJ/MC Assistant to make sure all runs smoothly. Prior to your pre-event consultation accessing Hard At Play's Online Ceremony planning tools gives you the opportunity to privately listen and select potential ceremony music.

As our tagline say's "Good Music is Serious Business". We use nothing but top quality, professional grade commercial equipment such as EAW, JBL-Pro, RCF, Mackie, db, Crown, Crest, Pioneer Pro-DJ, Rane, Furman, Martin, Behringer, Shure and Sennheizer. Wireless microphones are always used for toasts, speeches, and announcements. We also take the time to acoustically get the most out of your space by using just the right equipment for your event. Most importantly, always carry a complete range of back-up equipment with us for all events.

Yes! Hard At Play utilizes the latest wireless technology to the fullest. Since precise volume control is a priority, we have the ability to create a surround sound atmosphere for your event. This assures that all guests will be able to enjoy the music you've selected without being overpowered by it.

A customized light show can add the perfect touch to your event. Whether you want a party to rival that of a club, or a laid-back, relaxing atmosphere, Hard At Play has the lighting and effects that you need. We can provide special effects like led lights, intelligent lights, fog, snow, and bubble machines; green laser lights, and much more. Special lighting and effects always add to the overall visual impact of your special dance or the entire event.

Definitely not! As true professionals we feel that advertising at your wedding is the least appropriate place to market Hard At Play. If any of your guests are interested in our services, weíre confident they'll find us!

Without a doubt! Hard At Play is equipped with several DJ/MC professionals available at a moment's notice. We are also affiliated with the Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association as well as the National Association of Mobile Entertainers. These associations are comprised of members who all maintain the same high professional standards as Hard At Play, and are ready to assist should there be a need for their services.

By no means is tipping or a gratuity mandatory or expected. We charge a professional rate for a professional service. This means you won't see a tip jar at our booth. If at the end of the night you feel the DJ has surpassed your expectations and you want to tip him, we would accept it as the utmost compliment. But you're under no obligation to do so.

Depending on the package and options you select, the normal deposit ranges from $100-$500 and is due with your signed contract in order to secure your event date. Final payment is due four weeks prior to your event. For your convenience, we always accept Cash or Check in addition to credit cards.